Sound Bath Meditation with Sarah Neville - next date to be arranged

Sound Bath Meditation with Sarah Neville TBA with Sarah
Various times and workshops available

Sound Bath Meditation with Sarah


Come and embark on a deeply meditative journey bathed in the healing vibrations of the gong and other instruments. The gong doesn’t require you to be some-one or believe any-thing; there is nothing to do but let the sound take you where you need to go. Allow Sarah to guide you on a sacred journey of sound. Immersed in the vibrational ambience of the gong, drums, singing bowls and chimes; you can repair, cleanse, release tensions and blocks. Traverse the sonic soundscape and achieve a state of deep relaxation, stillness and healing.

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Ashtanga Weekend with Joey Miles 7th June - 9th June

Ashtanga Weekend with Joey Miles 7th June – 9th June
Various times and workshops available

Friday Evening

Guided Primary – Rhythm and Flow

The first class of the weekend allows you to arrive and take the temperature of where you are at. The focus will be on the rhythm of flow within a loosely structured primary series. The aim is to eradicate unnecessary suffering by cultivating radical acceptance and ease and letting go of perfectionism and striving

Saturday Morning

Small group Mysore Style Class.

Practice at your own pace within a small group, receive individual instruction and assistance from Joey and Rachel.

Saturday Afternoon:

Technique Class – Laterals and Backbends

A technical and practical deconstruction of standing lateral poses (Trikonasana etc) before lengthening the front body. Dissect the body part by part to discover resistance and contraction in often overlooked or blind areas. Learn and practice techniques that create space for safe, effective and uplifting backbends.

Sunday Morning:

Small Group Mysore Style.

Practice at your own pace within a small group, receive individual instruction and assistance from Joey and Rachel.

Sunday Afternoon:

Q and A, followed by Recuperative Sequence.

Round-off the weekend workshop with a recuperative sequence designed to help you rest and let go. After the active dynamism of ‘doing’ yoga allow yourself to forget what you have learned, to digest and drink in the peace within the liminal space between waking and sleeping.


The venue is Millmead School, Herford, SG14 3AA

About Joey:

Grounded and Approachable, Joey’s ‘common sense’ approach to Ashtanga stems from his deep respect for the traditional method of practice, combined with experiential knowledge of alignment and anatomy. Joey brings a fresh pair of eyes to your practice, giving guidance on how to work with the sequence and how to make the sequence work for you. Joey’s pragmatism, humour and caring nature will leave you feeling inspired and deeply connected with your practice.

For more information please contact Eliane Codiroli,, 07946508134

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Cooling Summer Practice with Irene - Saturday 15th June, 14.00 - 16.00

Cooling Summer Practice with Irene
14.00 – 16.00

The summer months are a time of light and heat, the radiant energy of the sun enlivens our lives. According to Ayurveda, summer stimulates the Pitta Dosha – and to maintain our equilibrium we need to balance this fiery element by focussing on activities and foods, which are cooling and calming.

Join Irene for this balancing Workshop where you will be guided through a calming Yin/Yang yoga practice, learn cooling breathing techniques, and have time to enjoy deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels


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Summer Solstice Women's Space with Claire, Sarah, Sally, Alison and Roisin Saturday 22nd June 17.00 - 18.30

Summer Solstice Women’s Space with Claire, Sarah, Sally, Alison and Roisin

17:00 – 18:30
Donations Class. All donations received go directly to The Secret Space charity.

This workshop is the third of our seasonal workshops exploring the themes of solstices and equinoxes.

Summer is a celebration of the light; of being our best selves. Come and explore the themes of confidence, authenticity and gratitude under the sacred energies of the Solstice.

Together we will look at some of the barriers we have to being seen in our authenticity, and will explore ways we can begin to move beyond these and celebrate our unique brilliance! It can be hard to give ourselves permission to celebrate who we are and how we are in this world. We will look at the difference between arrogance/self-pride and confidence/self-worth, and how it is our divine birthright, and our greatest service to this world to show up fully as the Us we were made to be.

This workshop is being held for donations to the Secret Space charity. There is no set charge. Please give as generously as you can, or if you can’t donate this time, don’t worry, come along and enjoy anyway! All money raised will be used towards funding access to classes, courses, therapies and workshops for the Secret Space volunteers and members of the local community in need. Our Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox workshops have raised over £250 towards this goal.

Sally Andrews – artist, creator, experienced yogi
Roisin Billeter – Reiki I practitioner, artist, volunteer
Alison Godlonton-Shaw – Reiki II practitioner, all round bringer of awesomeness
Sarah Neville – Sound healer, gong practitioner, massage therapist
Claire Sangster – MFR therapist, Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master, intuitive worker

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Secret Space Shindig! Summer Solstice Charity Kirtan Saturday 22nd June 19.00 - late

Secret Space Shindig! Summer Solstice Charity Kirtan

19:00 – late
Donations Event. All donations received go directly to The Secret Space charity.

This evening is an opportunity to come together under the Summer Solstice energies to celebrate, collaborate and create positive energy, intent and experience through the magic of kirtan. Kirtan is yogic chanting. Sanskrit mantras, and some contemporary songs are chanted/sung together. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel you are musically inclined (!), come along and soak up the vibes, enjoy some vegan snacks and clap along, dance around or just sit or lie down and enjoy.

There is no charge for this event but we will be taking donations to The Secret Space charity. All funds raised will go directly to helping the volunteers and vulnerable members of the community to access classes, courses, workshops and therapies.

To book online click here or call us on 01992 503141, or pop in.

Yoga for Healthy Hips with Eliane - Saturday 29th June, 14.30 - 16.30

Yoga for Healthy Hips with Eliane Codiroli
14.30 – 16.30
£30 or £25 before June 8th

Unlike in some parts of the world where people sit in cross-legged positions and squat, we spend most of our time with the hips in a neutral position. As a consequence, they become tight and weaken as we loose our natural mobility.

This workshop will focus on strengthening and mobilising the hips. Students will learn specific exercises and yoga Asanas that will help them deal with specific and general hip problems. These exercises will, of course, also help to keep the hips healthy and open.

On a more emotional level, the hips represent our sub-conscious feelings and emotions. The lower two Chakras are located in this area, representing our stronger emotions of love, anger, sexuality, hate, drive, passion, strength and determination. We often have unresolved issues in this area that need to release as we open up to transformation.

This two hour workshop will consist of specific hip exercises, an asana practice focusing on opening and strengthening the hips, some restorative hip openers and tips on every day life ways of keeping the hips open.

Eliane is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and a senior teacher with the Yoga Alliance, with over 14 years teaching experience. She is a passionate and versatile teacher and is dedicated to provide Yoga that is accessible to everyone. Her classes range from Ashtanga and Hot Power Yoga to gentle Yoga and yoga for people with special needs.

Eliane teaches regular workshops and a Foundation Teacher Training course. She is also currently training as a BWY Diploma course tutor.

This workshop qualifies for 2 BWY CPD points

£30 or £25 before June 8th

To book online click here or call us on 01992 503141, or pop in.

Women Empowering Women - Sunday 30th June, 10.00 - 17.00

Women Empowering Women with Gabby
10.00 – 17.00
£40 or £35 early bird until 19th June

A Summer workshop for women of all ages and all walks of life.
Summer is a time to shine, to be vital and alive. Come and co-create this day with us and claim your power, your aliveness and your joy.

The day will feature a variety of meditations, mindful movement, creative arts and group discussions as well as a shared lunch.

Led by a group of extraordinary women from a wide range of backgrounds with many years of experience facilitating groups and supporting people.

Throughout the ages women have traditionally come together to celebrate, empower and support each other. There is a unique bond that comes from a shared understanding. This day is an opportunity for women of all ages and all walks of life to come together in community, in a nourishing, enriching, open and loving environment. Join us in sharing, exploring and discovering how it is to be supportive and supported.

Venue: Millmead School, Port Vale, Hertford SG14 3AA

Concessionary rates are available, please email to arrange.

Led by
Gabriella Angus, Ruth Cooper, Lucia Birch & Sarah Beardmore
Supported by Alison Godlonton-Shaw and Linda Meehan

Lunch is a share affair so please bring a contribution of food for a vegetarian shared lunch.

To book online click here or call us on 01992 503141, or pop in.

Walking with Men - Sunday 28th June, 9.30 - 17.30

Walking with Men with Gary, Austin and Adrian
9.30 – 17.30
£55 or £45 early bird before 14th of June

Walking with men is a series of workshops aimed at uniting men of all ages and providing a safe space to explore, discuss and consider what “being a man” really looks and feels like in todays world.
Our facilitators, Gary Aldridge, Ade Dennis and Austin Fenn each bring their own experience, personality and training to a revealing , reflective and enjoyable day.
This will be the 4th in the series and we are planning to offer 5 sessions over the course of the day. The sessions will include a journey into discovering how we became who we are through a look at our cultural historical self. We will learn something about our perceptions of who we are in the world and of those around us.
Reflection and process group aims to draw us together as we share our journey encouraging vulnerability and trust. As we reveal ourselves to others we can gain a sense of togetherness and strength in our similarities as men of mixed backgrounds.
There still exists a set of old rules for men. Rules that have been passed down over many generations and some of these no longer serve us as more modern men. We aim to help highlight the Toxic in “Toxic masculinity” and discover new thinking about the powerful , creative and emotional men we are.
Tools for the job sessions include learning how our feelings and thoughts can dominate us and ways to manage and change our internal process and external behaviours. We demonstrate through CBT, NLP,TA and Mindfulness how to take back control from negative or less constructive beliefs changing our perspective and position in the world.
The techniques offered are transferable skills that you can then practice daily.
Creative self – in which we promote and support each other’s attributes and join together to help other men.

Positive affirmations – are encouraged and offered and we will look at other events taking place to support our fellow man.
The day will also include a short introduction to Tia Chi and a “lived experience talk” from a guest speaker.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The facilitators

Gary Aldridge is an experienced counsellor, group facilitator, trained NLP practitioner, with a background of working in the field of addiction for the last 8 years, with a passion for supporting men through talking therapies.

Adrian Dennis is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with 3 years’ experience in working with groups and individuals. Adrian is a firm believer that we have the ability and right to reach our full potential, and works in a positive way to assist clients in being the best they can be.

Austin Fenn is a formally trained, qualified and experienced therapist. He uses an integrative approach drawing on different approaches including Transactional analysis. He also has qualifications in holistic practices including massage and meditation tuition.

Mill Mead School
Port Vale
SG14 3AA

9.30am -5pm
£55 full price £45 if paid before 14th of June
£30 concessions
£15 unwaged

To book online click here or call us on 01992 503141, or pop in.

Yoga for Managing Stress with Irene - Saturday 28th September 2019, 14.00 - 16.30

Yoga for Managing Stress with Irene
14.00 – 16.30
£30 (£25 Early bird until 31st August)
All of us experience stress in different forms in our life, and stress is a major source of ill-health and unhappiness. Stress is not necessarily bad but when things seem to run out of control it is good to know how to help yourself.In this workshop you will learn about the effects of stress on the body and mind and find out about common advice for managing stress. You will then be guided through an extended nurturing yoga practice combining a dynamic flow with still yin yoga to regulate the effects of stress on the body, learn a breathing technique to calm the nerves and practice mindful meditation to clear the mind.All levels of practitioners are welcome to attend.

Irene has been a stress counsellor for over twelve years and has supported people facing both work-related and personal challenges. Her workshops are based on the ancient teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as the currently recommended therapeutic principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy CBT (which have surprising similarities).

To book online click here or call us on 01992 503141, or pop in.

Ashtanga Mysore week with Lucy Crawford + Body exploration workshop - 23rd September - 27th September

Ashtanga Mysore week with Lucy Crawford + Body exploration workshop
23.09.2019 – 27.09.2019
To book: Please choose either the 7am or 9.45am Mysore sessions – you will automatically be booked onto the Wednesday afternoon workshop.

We are very excited to welcome Lucy Crawford once again to Hertford for a week of Ashtanga Mysore classes and an afternoon workshop.

The week will consist of a daily Ashtanga Mysore practice and an innovative Body Exploration workshop with a Cerebo Spinal Fluid meditation on the Wednesday afternoon.

The workshop will involve explorative work, sensing, feeling and action, to gently target specifics in the hips and shoulders and spine to help open the body. We will learn to do this in a way that is not demanding but instead curious and through listening. We will finish with a Cerebo spinal fluid tide sense meditation.

Lucy Crawford – began her studies with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1993 and received Guruji’s blessing to teach in 1995. Lucy spent 20 years teaching and working alongside John Scott and co-created the JSY TT Programme – run together from 2003 – 2016. During that time Lucy undertook an Iyengar TT Programme in London, deepening her understanding of placement and alignment in Yoga Asana.

A qualified Craniosacral Therapist, Lucy more recently took the role of Assistant Tutor on the 2 year Foundation Craniosacral Biodynamics at the Karuna Institute, Devon. Lucy’s Yoga teaching combines her understanding of the physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga, brought to life through the ‘felt sense experience’ of the Cranial listening field.

Lucy believes Yoga is for everyone who has an interest and enjoys bringing life and energy to her workshops and classes.

You can see more about Lucy at


To book online click here or call us on 01992 503141, or pop in.