Opening the heart – a back bending workshop with Elly

Date: 21.08.2015 | Uncategorized

Elly back bend 8.15

Our lovely Yoga teacher Elly is running a Yoga workshop here on the 12th September.

We spend most of our day in a forward bending position, shoulders and back rounded forwards. Its a position that re-enforcers a feeling of closing inwards and also has implications for the health of our back. Most children and young people are able to backbend easily. As we get older it becomes harder to back bend as we have spend so much of our time in a forward bending position. A healthy Spine needs to be flexible in all directions. We need to try a find a balance by bringing backbends into our daily practise. Practising backbends will help to strengthen the back and re-align the Spine. On an emotional level, backbends help to to increase confidence, compassion and openness.

This workshop is suitable for all levels as we will work with a variety of different backbends at different levels.

Eliane has been teaching Yoga for 10 years. She has managed her own serious back condition with regular yoga practise for nearly 20 years. Eliane is a versatile and enthusiastic teacher who has a keen interest in helping people find better health through Yoga.

£25 or £20 if booked before the 31st of August