Adrian Dennis

I have been interested in the way the mind works and how we live our lives for many years. I also believe that we have the right to live life to our fullest potential and be the best we can be. My fascination for, and love of, hypnosis and hypnotherapy began in 2005 after seeing the work of a well-known therapist on television. This was followed by the purchase of numerous books on the subject and many hours of feverish reading and study, deepening my interest even further. I realised that Hypnotherapy was something I absolutely had to make a career of, and in 2015 I started studying with Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in Southend-on Sea, successfully graduating and receiving my Diploma in 2016. I consider myself to be a friendly, approachable, client focussed Hypnotherapist who wants nothing more than my clients to be the best they can be, whilst working with each client’s individual needs. As well as utilising Hypnotherapy, I also other work with other techniques to assist my clients to achieve their desire outcome.  These include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy and Kinetic Shift. There have been numerous portrayals of hypnosis over the years, including people stuck in zombie like states, the loss of control and people running around stage clucking like a chicken.  Hypnosis is actually a very natural state where we focus on a single subject or idea.  We’ve all been engrossed in TV programmes, films and books and been totally unaware of others talking to us or traffic outside the window.  We’ve all daydreamed at school, totally unaware of anything our teacher is saying.  All these scenarios are much like a hypnotic state. Hypnotherapy works by bypassing the conscious mind, allowing us to work with any issues a client may have and because we work directly with the subconscious mind,  it ‘goes underneath’ our everyday thoughts, beliefs, expectations & judgements and gets to the ‘root’ of our psyche.  Because of this, it can be incredibly effective in a much shorter period of time than some other therapies.  The issues that Hypnotherapy can help with are numerous and many.  These include, but are not limited to:
  • Relaxation
  • Weight Management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Self Confidence and Esteem
  • Exam nerves
  • Fears and phobias
  • Stress and Anxiety
Contact me on 07508 295511 or at     

Brian Aggett

As a former athlete with 18 years experience in injury treatment, Brian understands the importance of getting to the route of the injury and treating it fast. A fully qualified Sports Therapist, Brian offers a range of treatments including Sports/Deep Tissue massage and Injury Treatment to get to the route of your injury and help prevent it reoccurring. Whether a sports or desk-related injury, his extensive experience enables him to adapt techniques to create bespoke programs and achieve excellent results with all his clients. Brian's services include: - Injury treatment - Deep tissue massage - Posture alignment - Lymphatic drainage full body Swedish massage - Personal Training 07832 033529

Claire Blackie

I gained my skills in Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Science, Holistic Facials and Facial Rejuvention at the prestigious Neal’s Yard Remedies School of Natural Health in Covent Garden, London. I’m registered with the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA). I love helping people find balance in their lives and offer treatments that give them to truly relax and recharge. I offer Aromatherapy Massage, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage, Holistic Facials and Facial Rejuvenation. I use Neal’s Yard Remedies products in my treatments because they are natural, organic and free from nasties. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @claireblackiearomatherapy

Claire Sangster

Claire’s has trained extensively with John F. Barnes in the USA in the practice of Myofascial Release (MFR). Claire is also an experienced reflexologist, a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki master teacher and trained massage therapist. Claire recognises the individuality of each person who comes for treatment, and her approach responds to the causes of your symptoms, your body, and you.
At the Secret Space, Claire is one of our reiki teachers and is our myofascial release therapist. MFR is a gentle, hands on therapy that works at releasing restrictions in the body, restoring motion and relieving pain and other symptoms. Every person has their own set of fascial restrictions, that in severe cases is comparable to wearing a personalised straitjacket that limits you completely.
MFR never forces or leads, it works with the body, utilising the inherent healing wisdom within us all. The body is designed to work; given a little help (which we all need at times) it is pretty good at returning to it’s own optimum level of function, increasing quality of life, reducing symptoms and relieving long held stress, tension and negative patterns, both physically and emotionally.
As well as offering general MFR, Claire offers both Women’s Health and Men’s Health treatment, utilising recognised myofascial release techniques to treat pelvic pain, pelvic floor tightness and the associated symptoms. (See the Myofascial Release page for more details.)
Claire passionately believes that healing is an art, and that to help others heal, we must be creative in our approach, open to inspiration and intuition, and willing to be present with whatever shows up, whether we judge it to be pretty or not. Each of us is a unique expression of the artistry of the Universe, and should be treated with the reverence such exquisiteness deserves.

Clare Goodridge

Are you looking for a safe place and someone to listen and to really hear you, without judgement or any personal agenda? My focus is on you, your needs, what bothers and concerns you; whether those are pressing issues in the here and now and or long term/deep seated concerns that still, somehow, influence your experience today. I will not analyse or advise; my purpose is to understand the world as you experience it and to accompany you on your journey towards a greater sense of wellbeing. My approach is Integrative, which means that I bring together a range of ways of working; reflecting on the past, feeling around the present and exploring how things might be different in the future. For the experience to be effective, it is important that we establish a sound relationship; your best interests are naturally at the heart of such a relationship and confidentiality is assured. The first session, charged at £30, is effectively an assessment; an opportunity for you and me to work out whether we can work together productively. During the session we can think about what you want/need; for instance, I would suggest a minimum of 6 weeks work, there is no maximum! My charges thereafter are £50/counselling hour (i.e. 50 mins) I work from comfortable rooms at Secret Space and can offer reduced rates according to personal circumstances. I am a registered member of the BACP and have experience working with young people and adults; that experience encompassing: • depression • anxiety • bereavement • disability • trauma • parenting • fertility • adoption and fostering • adolescence • eating disorders • abandonment • discrimination • caring • personal development • sexuality and gender identity issues • relationship difficulties • sexual abuse Prior to qualifying as a counsellor my career was in equalities, which has grounded me in, and committed me to, the imperative of social justice. What I want for society, I want for the individual; a real sense of liberation and possibility. Contact me on 07910519940 or at to discuss your needs.

Dieter Zechmeister

Dieter is a Zen Shiatsu and Qi-Gong practitioner trained in 5 Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His holistic approach taps into the deep natural rhythms and cycles of nature. He works fully relaxed and from a grounded centre, 'the Hara' in Japanese, building on skills of patience and observation he has developed in his work as a beekeeper, permaculturist and martial artist.

Gary Aldridge

My background as a counsellor, comes from working within the field of Mental Health and Addiction where I did my training. I have worked in this sector for nearly a decade and have direct experience working with a wide range of diverse clients.  I currently work as a team leader in a residential drug and alcohol treatment centre located within Hertfordshire and have a strong passion for helping those affected with addictions and mental health. I have strong links within Hertfordshire and the UK to help refer anyone in need of more intensive support, this includes families.   I've worked as a telephone counsellor for a charity based in London called The Mix, who support young people from the age of 11-25yrs old, through telephone counselling. This has allowed me to gain experience with the issues faced in the modern age for young people from diverse backgrounds with a range of mental health issues. The issues I work with are self esteem, anxiety, depression, bullying, abuse, substance misuse. I am a huge advocate for mental health not only for adults but also our younger generation.   I'm currently working as part of a pilot project with the NHS to provide twelve funded sessions for those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. This has lead me to further my training in this area.  I'm a registered therapist on the PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors) as an approved counsellor who has undergone specific training to work with those who suffers with trauma related conditions.   I am a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by the BACP’s Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.   Training
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Diploma In Therapeutic counselling
  • Group Facilitation Skills at the Gestalt Centre
  • Diploma in Mindfulness
  • Trauma Training
  • Advanced Couples/Relationship Counselling Training
  Area of expertise
  • Substance & Alcohol Dependence- Worked in the filed of addiction for nine years
  • Young Adults- Worked with young adults for three years in various roles
  • Couples- Worked with couples for three years in various types of models and settings
  • Childhood/ Adult Trauma- Working currently at a rape crisis centre, to provide counselling for those affected by sexual assault.
Contact me on  or on 07769310592

Jody Ragg

I have been practising acupuncture since 2004 and continue to be rewarded and inspired by its ability to restore balance physically, mentally and emotionally. I see a wide range of patients from children with hay fever to couples wanting to start a family, and from migraine sufferers to people incapacitated by painful backs. A significant part of my practice is in the area of fertility and pregnancy. I have helped many couples on their journey to becoming parents and am very experienced at supporting those using assisted reproductive therapies such as IUI, IVF and ICSI. I’m an affiliated acupuncturist to the Zita West clinic and the British Acupuncture Council. You can find more information on my website at   Or, if you’d like to speak to me about how acupuncture might help call me on 07977 456305 for a free confidential chat.

Lysé Bone

I have lived in the Hertford area for over 45 years and am delighted to have recently joined The Secret Space in Hertford. I am qualified and attuned to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and can offer this non invasive and powerful healing to those that feel stressed, anxious or worried, allowing the body to detoxify and release the tensions that no longer serve you. You can find more information on my website at, or call 07855896052 for an informal chat.

Martina Cozzi

Reflexology is a therapy which I am passionate about and I have been practicing for nearly twenty years. This came about after going through a very stressful period I my life and after regular treatments on my feet I felt I could cope more with life’s stresses and strains. It was this that led me to qualify as a Reflexologist. After many years working on and off in London, I moved to Hertford with my husband and three children and resumed practicing Reflexology here in Hertford. In 2015 I came across and trained in Facial Reflexology. It can give the same results as foot reflexology by using pressure points on the face. A great alternative for those who are sensitive about their feet. At the same time, I qualified in the Ziggie Bergmann Zone Face Lift. This came about after making enquiries into botox and facial fillers. I like many others am scared of needles and also not too sure about the contents of the products going into my body. I wanted to find a more natural approach and this seemed to fit the criteria. It is a 12 week programme combining reflexology, pressure point massage and Native American techniques to create the Zone Face Lift. It can leave you feeling blissed out, with a smoother face to match. It is a great natural alternative for those who don’t want botox or dermal fillers. I am pleased to be offering all three therapies here at the Secret Space. To make a booking please contact The Secret Space or for more information please contact Martina on 079890 556852  

Michelle Spencer

I have been passionate about the human body and healthcare since I was at school, completing my first degree in Psychology at Durham University and working for some years in medical publishing in London before embarking on a further degree in Osteopathy in 2003.
I live in Hertford with my husband and two children of primary school age, enjoying a lot of walking and cycling around the local area.
I am committed to helping patients through painful times, setting them back on course with osteopathic treatment, as well as tailored advice on stretching, mobilising activities and exercise. Osteopaths treat back and neck pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, arthritic pain, work related pain, muscular conditions and headaches.
I have a special interest in pregnancy and postnatal healthcare and have undertaken postgraduate training in the diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy related pain.
I firmly believe that pain or discomfort should not just be accepted as part of life, and I will always explain how I plan to treat each problem and why, so that patients can start to take back control of their situation.
The Hertford Osteopath is my established clinic, close to Hertford North station, and I am very happy to now be able to offer osteopathic treatment more centrally at The Secret Space.
There's a lot more information about what and how osteopaths treat, including patient testimonials, at - or give me a call on 01992 304913 as I'm always happy to have an initial chat to discuss whether osteopathy is right for you.

Nicole Headland

I've always been passionate about bodywork, starting out my career in 2009 when I completed a course in Swedish massage. Moving on to obtain my diploma in Remedial Massage from the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy, it allowed me to grow and work in day spas, clinics and at events both here and in Australia. Most of the people I work with are struggling with back and shoulder pain, muscle tension or tightness, injuries and people who are experiencing and any form of stress or anxiety. Utilising a variety of Remedial techniques along with deep tissue massage or a relaxing Swedish massage, all treatments are tailored to each individual for optimal results. As a therapist, the combination of analysing a problem and using a hands-on approach to improve the clients wellbeing is incredibly rewarding. I aim to help my clients feel more relaxed, improve posture, improve range of motion and to alleviate pain.  

Roberta Stringer

I am a 40 (something!) mum of two girls with a natural energy and zest for life. After a successful career in media, when nursing a family member through cancer, I discovered the healing properties of food. This led me to train for three years at the College of Natural Medicine in London in Naturopathic Nutrition. ​ I now help clients from all walks of life to identify what is underlying their personal health challenges and establish an achievable long term plan to achieve optimal wellbeing and disease prevention. I would love to hear your story and help you - remember little changes change everything.

Sian Collister


BSc Hons Homeopathy, LCHE, MARH, CEASE Cert. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, BCST

I have always been interested in complementary therapies. Over 20 years ago I saw a homeopath and the results were phenomenal. Amazed by this gentle yet powerful therapy, I started studying homeopathy. I’ve been a homeopath for 12 years and continue to be humbled by its ability to help restore the body's balance, resulting in emotional, mental and physical wellness.

I have also studied CEASE Therapy, a homeopathic detox protocol that helps remove toxins that are obstacles to cure within the body. These obstacles can range from environmental and household toxins to previous medications that are preventing the body from maintaining a state of health. This therapy is particularly beneficial to children with reoccurring illnesses and developmental delays.

I have started incorporating Spagyric Essences which is a fusion of alchemy, homeopathy and herbalism. I find these essences work extremely well alongside homeopathic remedies and other therapies. In 2018 I completed my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training at the Karuna Institute in Devon. It's a privilege to add this wonderful healing art to my tools. Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands on therapy that helps stimulate the body's innate healing to gently remove any energetic, physical or mental / emotional blocks and helps restore the client's balance and health. This therapy is suitable for physical and mental/emotional complaints. I tailor my treatment to each Client’s personal life story, and their presenting symptoms. I have experience in helping Clients with various health issues, including anxiety, autism, developmental delays, depression, female hormonal issues, endometriosis, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue syndrome, digestive issues and acne. I love treating children, they respond extremely well to homeopathy and it’s wonderful to watch them return to a state of wellness and to thrive.

I offer family discounts for 2 or more members of the family.

For a free confidential call to find out whether homeopathy or craniosacral therapy could help you, please call me on 07913229385.



Sarah began as a volunteer at The Secret Space and is still a regular face on reception. A trained Gong Master, she is passionate about Sound Healing, offering regular sound baths at The Secret Space. She is qualified in Holistic Massage and is a Reiki II practitioner.
Sarah believes in the innate healing power we all have within and is passionate about facilitating this in her clients. She aims to enhance your overall sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether you need to relax, to rejuvenate, to reduce muscle tension or to take some well deserved you time, holistic massage can help. The client’s wellbeing is Sarah’s priority and treatments are tailor made to suit individual needs.
In her Sound Baths, Sarah uses an array of instruments to “wash” recipients in healing vibrations. Sarah takes you on a deeply relaxing journey through sound, where you'll be able to experience a deeper connection to nature and your soul. Sarah intuitively uses her voice and other musical instruments to help restore balance to the body, leaving you feeling uplifted, refreshed, nourished and energised.
**Fun Fact!** You may hear Sarah being referred to as SahaSarah around The Secret Space. The name SahaSarah began as a nickname; a play on her name, Sarah, and the name of the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara. 🕉

Victoria Sims

I am one of the massage therapists at the Secret Space. I offer holistic massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, Indian Head massage and can supplement your treatment with Reiki. As well as my massage work here at the Secret Space, I am also a qualified naturopathic nutritionist. I'm very keen to engage with you on a fully holistic basis, and can tailor your treatment to your specific needs.