Roberta Duman

I am a 40 (something!) mum of two girls with a natural energy and zest for life. After a successful career in media, when nursing a family member through cancer, I discovered the healing properties of food. This led me to train for three years at the College of Natural Medicine in London in Naturopathic Nutrition. ​ I now help clients from all walks of life to identify what is underlying their personal health challenges and establish an achievable long term plan to achieve optimal wellbeing and disease prevention. I would love to hear your story and help you - remember little changes change everything.

Brian Aggett

As a former athlete with 18 years experience in injury treatment, Brian understands the importance of getting to the route of the injury and treating it fast. A fully qualified Sports Therapist, Brian offers a range of treatments including Sports/Deep Tissue massage and Injury Treatment to get to the route of your injury and help prevent it reoccurring. Whether a sports or desk-related injury, his extensive experience enables him to adapt techniques to create bespoke programs and achieve excellent results with all his clients. Brian's services include: - Injury treatment - Deep tissue massage - Posture alignment - Lymphatic drainage full body Swedish massage - Personal Training 07832 033529

Ella Oliver

Ella is a certified Transformational Breath® facilitator and Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki Drum Practitioner. Ella’s experience with Reiki started in 2007 when it helped her to address challenges she was facing at the time & gave her an ability to reframe her choices.   She went on to train in and work with Reiki as part of her own healing and to support her work with others through this modality. Combining the therapeutic effects of Reiki with the meditative and reprogramming beat of the drum has allowed Ella to add a further dimension to her Reiki work in supporting deep change and relaxation in those she works with. Ella came to the breath after attending a workshop at her former yoga studio – POW Yoga in Ware and was blown away be the power and profoundly liberating nature of the practice and its ability to shift ‘stuff’ (quickly and directly) that she had been carrying around for far too long. She went on to take the first training she could get to. Coming from a background in law and having had several of her own businesses, Ella is particularly aware of the clarity of thought, relaxation, stress management and energising effects of her chosen practices as well as their ability to deeply heal.

Martina Cozzi

Reflexology is a therapy which I am passionate about and I have been practicing for nearly twenty years. This came about after going through a very stressful period I my life and after regular treatments on my feet I felt I could cope more with life’s stresses and strains. It was this that led me to qualify as a Reflexologist. After many years working on and off in London, I moved to Hertford with my husband and three children and resumed practicing Reflexology here in Hertford. In 2015 I came across and trained in Facial Reflexology. It can give the same results as foot reflexology by using pressure points on the face. A great alternative for those who are sensitive about their feet. At the same time, I qualified in the Ziggie Bergmann Zone Face Lift. This came about after making enquiries into botox and facial fillers. I like many others am scared of needles and also not too sure about the contents of the products going into my body. I wanted to find a more natural approach and this seemed to fit the criteria. It is a 12 week programme combining reflexology, pressure point massage and Native American techniques to create the Zone Face Lift. It can leave you feeling blissed out, with a smoother face to match. It is a great natural alternative for those who don’t want botox or dermal fillers. I am pleased to be offering all three therapies here at the Secret Space. To make a booking please contact The Secret Space or for more information please contact Martina on 079890 556852  

Sian Collister


BSc Hons Homeopathy, LCHE, MARH, CEASE Cert

I have always been interested in complementary therapies. Over 20 years ago I saw I homeopath and the results were phenomenal. Amazed by this gentle yet powerful non-toxic therapy, I started studying homeopathy soon after. I’ve been a homeopath for 11 years now and am humbled by its ability to help restore the body to balance, resulting in emotional, mental and physical wellness.

I have also studied CEASE Therapy, a homeopathic detox protocol that helps remove toxins that are obstacles to cure within the body. These obstacles can range from environmental and household toxins to previous medications that are preventing the body from maintaining a state of health. Tis therapy is particularly beneficial to children with reoccurring illnesses and developmental delays.

I tailor my treatment to each Client’s personal life story, and their presenting symptoms. I have experience in helping Clients with various health issues, including anxiety, depression, female hormonal issues, digestive issues and acne. I love treating children, they respond extremely well to homeopathy and it’s wonderful to watch them return to a state of wellness and to thrive.

I offer family discounts for 2 or more members of the family.

For a free confidential call to find out whether homeopathy could help you, please call me on 07913229385.

Jody Ragg

I have been practising acupuncture since 2004 and continue to be rewarded and inspired by its ability to restore balance physically, mentally and emotionally. I see a wide range of patients from children with hay fever to couples wanting to start a family, and from migraine sufferers to people incapacitated by painful backs. A significant part of my practice is in the area of fertility and pregnancy. I have helped many couples on their journey to becoming parents and am very experienced at supporting those using assisted reproductive therapies such as IUI, IVF and ICSI. I'm an affiliated acupuncturist to the Zita West clinic, a member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network, the Acupuncture for Childbirth Team Hertfordshire and the British Acupuncture Council. You can find more information on my website at Or, if you'd like to speak to me about how acupuncture might help call me on 07977 456305 for a free confidential chat.

Mark Burgon

I am one of the massage therapists here at the Secret Space. I offer holistic massage, Indian Head massage and hot stone massage. I treat each client that comes in as the individual that they are, and am able to adjust my pressure and approach as necessary. I am able to provide deep tissue work, which can be of great benefit to those who enjoy sports (including yoga!). I regularly practice yoga, including Sivananda, Iyengar and Vinyasa. I have practiced and taught various forms of martial arts for over 30 years, and studied qi gong.

Deirdre Cruden

After a period of volunteering at the Secret Space I took the decision to train in Holistic Massage Therapy.  I believe passionately in holistic therapies, and treat each client individually, structuring the treatment to their own personal requirements. I am fully qualified in Full Body Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Hot Stone Massage. I also hold a Reiki certification, and can include it within the treatment if the client wishes.

Victoria Sims

I am one of the massage therapists at the Secret Space. I offer holistic massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, Indian Head massage and can supplement your treatment with Reiki. As well as my massage work here at the Secret Space, I am also a qualified naturopathic nutritionist. I'm very keen to engage with you on a fully holistic basis, and can tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

Larissa McGoldrick

I have been a trained acupuncturist since 1998, following experiencing first-hand the healing powers of acupuncture when I injured myself dancing. I have studied facial acupuncture and I have a particular interest in treating physical pain and fertility issues. I have helped women prepare their bodies for conception and also to deal with the many aches and pains that can accompany a pregnancy. I have also helped many women give birth naturally with acupuncture inductions. I am also a qualified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Find out more about me here.

Lysé Bone

I have lived in the Hertford area for over 45 years and am delighted to have recently joined The Secret Space in Hertford. I am qualified and attuned to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and can offer this non invasive and powerful healing to those that feel stressed, anxious or worried, allowing the body to detoxify and release the tensions that no longer serve you. You can find more information on my website at, or call 07855896052 for an informal chat.

Dieter Zechmeister

Dieter is a Zen Shiatsu and Qi-Gong practitioner trained in 5 Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His holistic approach taps into the deep natural rhythms and cycles of nature. He works fully relaxed and from a grounded centre, 'the Hara' in Japanese, building on skills of patience and observation he has developed in his work as a beekeeper, permaculturist and martial artist.

Sacha Nielsen

Alex is a sports massage therapist with experience working for the Hampstead Rugby club and Whittington Hospital. He is certified in spinal manipulation, muscle testing and sports massage. He believes that massage is a great way to resolve chronic conditions in conjunction with exercises to build stability and reduce pain. Alex Nielsen is the creator of the website which offers online posture assessments to the physiotherapeutic community.

Azeeta Nielsen

Azeeta Nielsen is a Pregnancy Massage and Deep Tissue massage specialist and has many years of experience in her field. She opened up a clinic in Muswell Hill with her husband in 2010 and has spent the last few years honing her skills in the pregnancy field which has led to her currently training as an NCT teacher. Having trained originally in Thailand, this gave her the skills to act on intuition and hands on practice in her massage pracice.

Alex Maggs-Wellings

Alex is a certified hypnotist and neuro-lingustic programmer and has the right skills and expertise to help you overcome all things that are holding you back. With Alex’s help you get the best life you possibly can. His main passion is working with and understanding people and he has a keen interest in sports and pushing people to the next level in that arena. Anyone coming to Alex will find his style a mix between indirect and direct hypnosis depending on the needs of the client.   You can contact Alex direct to book a session,  a free 30 minute phone consultation on 07917 204512