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We love The Secret Space (we hope you do too!) and we really want to make it successful and viable in the future. Therefore, we need to make some changes. We would like your help in deciding what these changes will be, as you will all have unique experiences of The Secret Space.

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Client Feedback:

We always love to hear feedback from our clients, and how people have benefitted from what we offer here at The Secret Space.  If you would like to share your experience with us, please review us on Google.

“Amazing! You have to check out this place!!! A jewel in the crown of Hertford.”

“Welcoming, friendly, warm.”




“Love The Secret Space! The classes are excellent and I felt really welcome as a complete beginner. I’m there three times a week now!”

“Love this place, it’s my second home, great studio, great teachers and great to be part of something that gives back.”

“Relaxing environment, all equipment provided. Claire is a very good teacher who makes everyone feel at ease and varies the class each week which is great. (Pregnancy Yoga Sunday class)”

“Classes are great. I really enjoy it.”

“I took Becky’s beginners class in Hatha Yoga yesterday and was very nervous about going on my own but Becky made me feel very welcome and when the class finished I was on a natural high. I have booked my place for next week already. Just wanted to say thank you.”

“I find Alana’s classes invigorating and very enjoyable. I suffer with various back problems and Alana is very understanding and supportive in helping me to safely work into the poses. I can get frustrated with myself when my body doesn’t do what I want it to, but Alana is very good in bringing me back into a light hearted place, where I am able to fully relax and enjoy the class. I love it. I will keep coming back!”



“Alana’s meditation class is beyond words!”


Holistic, Hot Stone and Indian Head Massage:

“Deeply relaxing. I am not normally a fan of massage, but the individualised, caring and thoughtful service I was given made me rebook!”

“Mark is wonderful. So skilful… My hero!”



“Claire is a great therapist… I highly recommend her…”

“Best reflexologist I’ve found for 20 years!”

“I started to see Claire about two months before I was due to have a baby and I am so happy I did. I’ve had reflexology a few times in the past and hated it every time but with Claire it was a slow but strong treatment which calmed my mind and body, exactly what you need. For my pregnancy I always saw some sort of positive effect after each treatment, even during, and I believe it was Claire’s treatments which helped me get to my labour with a positive, calm mind and body. I can not recommend her treatments enough (and it’s a bonus that she’s so lovely).”




“I would just like to also say how much I have enjoyed the sessions with Tracey. The Relax, Breath and Birth session, the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and the Bond with Baby session. After a traumatic first birth Tracey has helped me so much, before starting these sessions I was very scared and nervous about the idea of going through labour again. The course has completely changed my mind set and I’m now feeling calm and confident and looking forward to giving birth to my baby. Tracey has been a great support throughout helping me arrange birth reflection sessions and it is a great comfort to know she is always at the end of the phone if I have any questions. I have recommended the Wise Hippo course with Tracey to all my friends and family.”

Sam’s Comments (mum): “Thank you so much for the introduction to hypnobirthing and all your help we had an amazing birth experience the breathing and music got me through at home and we just made it to hospital in time! I was 8cm when I arrived and the midwife on the phone didn’t believe I was in established labour because I was so calm and relaxed! Gave birth within 50mins of arriving at the hospital, just enough time to fill up the pool!
So in love with my little girl and everyone has commented on how chilled out she is already” “…Yes I did it and feel like I could do it all again…!”

Stuart’s Comments (dad): “Thank you so much for all of your support. Sam has really benefited from hypnobirthing and her chats with you. The birth went exactly to the birthing plan, including an experienced midwife with hypnobirthing experience. The whole experience was amazing this time around.”


Baby Massage and Pregnancy Massage:

“What can I say my baby girl loves massages, I love massaging her and we both love Azeeta for several reasons:
(1) It thoroughly relaxes her (obvious!)
(2) After the first massage class at being exactly 4 months old she had her very first 3 hour long day nap since she was born (mummy was thoroughly pleased to say the least!), this sleep pattern continues – yay!
(3) It is a wonderful way to bond with my little girl – lots of giggle and hugs
(4) I believe the reason why my daughter gives Azeeta big smiles and hugs is because Azeeta provided fantastically relaxing pregnancy massages right up to the last days before she was born. The birthing and delivery was not ideal but I entered it relaxed and calm and remained that way throughout it and so did my daughter, whose heart rate was monitored all the way through. I honestly think the massages played a major role in this outcome.
Thank you to Azeeta for being a truly gifted massage therapist.””Azeeta has done wonders on my back during my pregnancy and after the birth. Her deep tissue massage in particular is quite impressive. She always manages to create a very relaxing atmosphere. Her baby massage classes are as great. The friendly atmosphere allowed me to really enjoy this special moment with my baby boy. I could tell he was enjoying himself. He was very relaxed and calm. The class is also a great way to meet other mums.”

“I took my 4 month old daughter along to Azeeta’s baby massage class. There were 2 other mums and babies which was a nice small group. It was a good way for me and my baby to socialise as she really enjoyed lying and smiling at the other babies. It is a very relaxing atmosphere and Azeeta is full of useful tips and knowledge. The massage can easily be done at home afterwards. It was a lovely way to spend an hour each week and I missed it when the course was over!
I thoroughly recommend the experience and Azeeta if you want a massage yourself. I have been going to Azeeta for massages regularly before, during and since being pregnant and I can’t compliment her enough, she’s the best!”