Help us change lives…

At The Secret Space we are committed to changing people’s lives through offering a wide range of holistic treatments and high quality yoga classes that increase your overall health and wellbeing.

As you may know, we are a registered charity, originally set up as a Social Enterprise in order to give people who have overcome great difficulties in their lives the chance to gain new skills, qualifications and employment. As well as this, we also offer classes and therapies freely, or at reduced rates, to people who need them, and we wish to continue to expand this work. We feel the benefits of yoga and holistic therapies should be available to everyone, and with our charitable work, we aim to make this possible.

It has been shown that yoga and holistic therapies are highly effective in improving the quality of life for people suffering chronic conditions, whether they be physical conditions such as back problems or IBS, or mental/emotional health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. Our wish is to make yoga and holistic therapies accessible to everyone in the local community who wishes to partake. And this is where we need YOU!

• Do you wish to help us continue and expand our charitable work?
• Do you wish to support people in the local community have a better quality of life?
• Do you want to help as many people as possible benefit from yoga and holistic therapies?
• Do you want to be a part of a thriving local space and connect with like minded people?

We recognise the huge benefit of bringing like minded people together, and as well as our ongoing charitable work, we will be holding Special Events throughout 2017 to give people with similar interests the opportunity to come together, expand their knowledge, share experience and have some fun too!

Our Friends of The Secret Space, and Corporate Sponsorship schemes aim to help us continue and expand our charitable work. We offer a variety of ways for you to help us help others..

To read some of the positive feedback from people we have worked with, please scroll down.


Become a Friend of The Secret Space
£10 per quarter

As a Friend of The Secret Space you will be entitled to the following exclusive benefits:

• 10% off a holistic therapy treatment each quarter
• 10% off selected products sold at The Secret Space (jewellery not included)
• Priority booking and discounts for Special Events (watch this space for details of our exciting new Special Events!)
• 10% off an initial holistic therapy treatment for friends, family or work colleagues who you introduce to The Secret Space
• TWO half price guest passes for family, friends or work colleagues who are new to The Secret Space to attend a class
• A bi-annual newsletter detailing our charity work, and how you are helping us support members of the local community

We also offer a Concession rate of £5 per quarter for those in receipt of benefits, students and people who are retired.

Terms and Conditions


Corporate Sponsorship

Become a Sponsor of The Secret Space
£100 per quarter

As a Corporate Sponsor, not only will you benefit from knowing you are helping to support the local community, but you and your staff will also be entitled to the following:

• 10% off a holistic therapy treatment each quarter (ONE per staff member each quarter. Proof of employment must be provided to claim.)
• 10% off selected products sold at The Secret Space (jewellery not included)
• Priority booking and discounts for Special Events (watch this space for details of our exciting new Special Events!)
• A bi-annual newsletter detailing our charity work, and how you are helping us support members of the local community

Terms and Conditions


Why are we fundraising?

I have been connected with The Secret Space for 2 years firstly as a volunteer doing reception and administration before training as a Holistic Therapist. I was attending CGL for help with alcohol addiction when I saw the advertisement for volunteers needed at The Secret Space. The helpful understanding non-judgmental people gave me the chance to believe in the future. I am truly amazed and will be forever grateful for the way my life has changed.

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A few weeks in hospital saved my life. My life leading up to this had been a rollercoaster ride on the spectrum of emotion. Technicolour happiness. Suicidal sadness. And everything in between and beyond. After I left hospital I managed to stay stable for a few years. College and uni and work. The chaotic craziness transmuted to calm and calibration. It wasn’t easy and a lot didn’t work out. I kept moving forward though. Trudging determinedly. In 2009, the dormant / managed bipolar was back with a vengeance. A fully blown mixed episode ensued and I was under the urgent care of the Crisis Team (who happen to be real life superheroes).
2010 onwards has been a healing journey. A lot has happened. A lot has been learned. A lot has changed. I am grateful for each and every part of my journey. It has all brought me to right here right now today. What a gift.
One of the main positive things I have been blessed with in recent years is my involvement with The Secret Space. My healing journey has been richly infused with holistic/alternative treatments and modalities and I was becoming more and more drawn to working in this area. I had just completed a taster course in massage when a friend in my choir told me about this amazing new local social enterprise, a Yoga and Holistic Centre, that was for people who had overcome great difficulties in their lives and to help them gain experience and possibly even training and work opportunities! My heart jumped for joy! It almost felt too good to be true! After my successful interview with Nicky, I walked out into the Hertford sunshine on cloud 9! Pure authentic joy (and not of the manic kind) I knew deep inside that I was on the right path and I haven’t looked back since that day.
I have been volunteering on reception since Spring 2014. Some days it’s a breeze and some days its super challenging. The bipolar patterns have changed and whilst the highs are less high and the lows are less low, and they don’t last as long, it can be disorientating and at some times debilitating. I am so grateful to Secret Space for giving me grounding and routine. I have grown to know some truly wonderful, inspiring people here and feel blessed to be around such beautiful and healthily boundaried people. I have grown so much as a result of my involvement here. Being able to practise yoga regularly has been life changing. Each and every cell of my body and mind is healing from the inside out. Aum!
In September 2014 I began training as a massage therapist at college – all thanks to the Secret Space! I qualified in Spring 2015. This has done leaps and bounds for my self-esteem. I sometimes (or rather often!) still deal with low confidence and fear the “fraud police” knocking on my door because “I’m not good enough” etc but the support and encouragement of Gabriella and Nicky and my fellow Secret Spacers has been invaluable. I have had such beautiful feedback from clients and am gradually learning to believe in myself and my abilities. I have also been attuned to Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 which I infuse into my massage treatments. Secret Space have also blessed me with training in Hot Stone Massage and some advanced massage techniques, not to mention an opportunity to visit the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales in 2015!
Secret Space has been helping me grow wings and now I am ready to fly. I feel aligned and wholeheartedly blessed to be on the right path. I feel so very much gratitude.