Say hello to the wonderful managerial and administrative team who ensure the smooth running of The Secret Space…

Roz White

My journey to The Secret Space began in August 2013 when my Herts County Council employment advisor got in contact with Nicky Kearns, who at the time was in the process of transforming what was the Turning Point drug and alcohol services building into The Secret Space as we know it today.
I have suffered with severe arthritis since 1997 and have to wear knee braces seven days a week which had limited my capacity to work. Nicky and I discussed my needs, my work history and my skills, and then I began my work here as an administrative assistant.
I spent two years offering my time and skills as a volunteer before being taken onto the paid staff team in January 2016. I work two days a week at The Secret Space and deal with reception duties as well as various roles within the office and the day to day management of the business.
I thoroughly enjoy my job here and love meeting new people. I am always happy to do extra hours when required. I am very grateful that the management team, Nicky Kearns and Gabriella Angus, gave me this job and I hope to be here at The Secret Space for many years to come and to keep contributing to the business going from strength to strength.

Gabriella Angus

Gabriella Angus joined The Secret Space managerial team in 2014. She is an incredibly experienced Reiki master, intuitive healer, reflexologist and auricular acupuncturist as well as having a long history of involvement in facilitating workshops, retreats and events. Gabriella had spent years working in various roles to support people in recovery from addiction and alcoholism. Gabriella brought this wealth of experience to The Secret Space and has been an integral part of the team since she joined. Gabriella has a passion for community and works hard to nurture a strong and supportive atmosphere at The Secret Space for staff, students and clients alike.

Nicky Kearns

Nicky Kearns was responsible for the initial inception and curation of The Secret Space back in 2013. She has continued to be a vital part of the management team, and also become a mother to two beautiful sons since opening The Secret Space! Nicky is also an Iyengar yoga teacher and over the years has provided various classes, courses and workshops on top of her managerial duties. Her inspiration for setting up The Secret Space as a social enterprise came from seeing how effective yoga and holistic therapies were in the rehabilitation of people recovering from alcoholism and addiction. To view volunteer testimonials and see how Nicky’s vision has helped so many people, please visit the About Us page.