Pregnancy yoga

Yoga can be very beneficial during pregnancy, helping to prepare the body for labour and birth, as well as supporting a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. Classes are suitable from 14 weeks onwards. The teachers are trained specifically in Pregnancy Yoga and work very consciously with being sensitive to the needs of the baby, as well as the mother, during practice.

Potential benefits include strengthening birthing muscles, decreasing anxiety, increasing energy, sleep and circulation, and helping to reduce back/muscular aches throughout the body. Pregnancy puts a big strain on the body physically, and yoga is a great way to help support you during this important time. Practicing yoga throughout pregnancy can also help speed up postpartum recovery.

Regular yoga practice can help to change your attitude towards pain in the body, which can be very useful during labour/birth. Usually, when the body experiences physical pain, adrenalin is released and oxytocin production (the hormone which encourages the progression of labour) can decrease. Learning breathing techniques, and becoming aware physically and mentally how the body reacts to pain can help to support you remaining as calm as possible during labour and birth. Scientific studies have shown that regular yoga practice can help the body to deal with stress by slowing heart and breathing rates, and lowering blood pressure.


£13 per class or reduced rate bundles

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