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Pregnancy is a very important time.  Here at The Secret Space, we offer a range of services to help support expectant parents.

Our acupuncturists and reflexologist are all trained to help support pregnancy, and treatments can be had from 12 weeks onwards. Holistic therapies can be wonderful at helping to relieve pregnancy related symptoms and to physically and emotionally support both mother and child. Therapies can also be great for partners to aid relaxation and well-being, and help to prepare them too for the birth. To find out more about holistic therapies, please click here.

We have Hypnobirthing Classes on a Wednesday evening to help prepare expecting parents for the birthing process. Hypnobirthing can be very beneficial in helping to create and nurture a positive view of birthing, to dispel any fears and to teach techniques to aid with childbirth.

Pregnancy Yoga classes are held on Sundays and Thursdays and are suitable from 14 weeks onwards. Yoga can help develop strength, stamina and flexibility, whilst helping to release tension and feel calm. Please see the timetable for up to date details on class times. Or click here to book classes online.

Once you have welcomed your new arrival, we have Baby Massage Classes which provide a great way to bond with your baby, as well as having a wide range of benefits for both babies and adults! For the babies, massage can help with relieving symptoms such as colic, and support regular sleep patterns. For parents it can be an effective way of getting to know how your baby communicates and deepening the loving connection between parent and child.

For more information please call us on 01992 503141, email or pop in.