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Levels and Intensity codes


This tells you whether the class is suitable for your level of Yoga experience:

Level 1: beginners : suitable for those new to yoga and those returning after a long break
Level 2: intermediate: suitable for those with some yoga experience and a basic knowledge of the commonly practiced postures
Level 3: advanced: suitable for those with a long-term regular practice in that particular style of yoga – usually by invitation from the teacher.


This tells you how hard you’ll have to work in the class:

Gentle: an low impact class that will ease you into your practice and won’t put you under any pressure
Medium: expect to work a little harder in these classes, and go deeper into the practice
Strong: for those who enjoy a physical challenge and an intense practice

Can I come to any class?

If you are a complete beginner, please attend one of our many beginner’s classes. This will make sure that you learn the basics and are safe to go to our general level classes. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss your best options. Please click the options below to see which style of Yoga appeals to your needs.


Beginners classes are suitable for those who have never tried yoga before, or those who have not practised for a while and would like to re-start. It will teach the basics of postural practice to ensure that you have a firm foundation on which to build your future yoga practice. You will make a start on learning the principles of yoga practice.

Iyengar yoga

Iyengar yoga is an authentic yoga class based on the teachings of renowned Indian yoga master BKS Iyengar. This type of yoga is characterised by precision and alignment in the postures. Teachers are trained to a high level and are experienced at working with some injuries. Each week there is a different focus on sets of asanas (postures), and sequencing towards a desired result. Classes vary between dynamic, fast, slow, restorative and pranayama (breath work). There is a much focus on postural alignment and body awareness so the poses are performed safely. Each class is designed to raise levels of awareness and intelligence so students can deepen their yoga experience both on a physical and mental level.

Props are often used to enable students gain the maximum benefit, or to help with assisting students with injuries or stiffness. The rope walls may also be used.

Level 1 classes are suitable for new students, those new to Iyengar and those with some experience.

Level 2 classes are for those with 2 years of Iyengar experience, or by invitation from the teacher. They are more intense than the general class, with a wider range of postures – you should be able to maintain headstand and shoulder stand.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga was devised in the 15th Century in India. It combines asana (postures), breath control (pranayama), meditation and yogic philosophy which will help you to stretch and tone your body whilst quietening your mind. It will allow you to experience harmony of body and mind in today’s busy world.

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga was developed by Sri Pattabi Jois. Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga which links movement to breath. The use of breath control, locks (Bandhas) and movement builds heat in the body which helps you to release toxins and cleanse the body. The focus needed to move through the sequence helps to still the mind to bring inner peace, and the vigorous postures create stamina and flexibility in the body.

Vinyasa Flow yoga

Flow yoga is a form of dynamic yoga, where you flow through the postures in synchrony with the breath. The movements are graceful and you can find peace in the flow, but do not be fooled, you will soon find yourself toned and strong from this energetic style of yoga. Easy flow is a more gentle version of this style.

Power yoga

Taking Yoga to a new dimension; where you feel your body work hard with your mind focused and determined. Come and be challenged in a hot environment where sweating allows you to deepen your poses and detox your body.

Yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a cooling and static practice. For comparison, Ashtanga is heating and dynamic, or Yang. On a mental and emotional level, the Yin practice allows the body to drop down into the parasympathetic nervous system, and therefore becomes deeply healing and nourishing. Practitioners report that it is grounding, calming and revitalising, with profound energetic and emotional effects.

Barre Strength

A class that is hard on the muscles and yet kind on the joints!! This Ballet-inspired fitness workout will condition the whole body, improve flexibility and give you greater muscular strength.

Yin and Yang yoga

Yin and Yang Yoga helps you bring balance to body, mind and self. Combines still, grounding yin, and dynamic energising yang practice, plus pranayama and relaxation.

Gentle yoga

This class is specifically designed to keep your body and mind supple as you get older. It will take you through gentle stretching and strengthening postures at a pace suitable for you. As well as the physical benefits it will also assist you in keeping mentally alert and in a positive frame of mind.

Chair based yoga

In chair-based yoga traditional yoga postures are adapted to the individual and are practised with the support of a chair. Each class is an hour long with 45minutes of mainly seated posture work and 15 minutes guided relaxation. During the posture work there is an emphasis on mobilisation of the joints, mindful stretching and breath awareness enhancing flexibility and strength. In the relaxation section participants are encouraged to tune in to their body sensing which parts of the body are at ease and which need extra care. There is a sense of fun built in to enhance relaxation. By the end of the class participants will have worked gently through the whole body and gained a better sense of well-being.

This class is suitable for anybody who would like to experience the benefits of yoga but find the traditional yoga postures challenging. It is a beneficial course for seniors and anyone who needs to improve joint mobility. Keep active, keep young.

Pregnancy yoga

This class will guide you through yoga positions, breathing techniques and relaxation exercise.
A mixture of energizing routines and relaxation poses, which can be performed from 14 weeks onward.
The class will help to release tension, helping you to feel calm. The teacher can address common pregnancy complaints and help develop strength, stamina and flexibility for late pregnancy and labour.
Please consult your doctor before starting pregnancy yoga.
These classes are suitable from 14 weeks and onwards, and complete beginners.
NB If you already attend a yoga class, you may be able to continue. Please speak to your teacher.

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