New Year’s Eve 2017

This New Year’s Eve, Alana and Becky opened our little sanctuary for an alcohol and drug free start to the New Year. There was inspirational film and music, a meditation to set intentions for the New year, and some drumming at midnight to welcome in 2017.
2016 was a year full of ups, downs, lefts, rights, loop the loops and all sorts! Many of the wisdom traditions view 2017 as a year of new dawning, new beginnings and a step out of the darkness and chaos, into light and clarity. We welcomed many people wishing to honour what has been, and welcome in the new.
There was creative use of space with the wall mounted yoga ropes being used to effectively frame the projector screen; the upstairs rooms were open for individual practice, loving kindness meditations and a chance to reflect and write; food was served; drums, gongs, maracas, singing bowls and even a thumb piano were all used to welcome in 2017; Alana led a beautiful meditation, allowing the space to ground and connect.
We look forward to many more Secret Cinema Space nights in the upcoming year.
Thanks to all who joined and were part of a fabulous start to 2017.

See below for some photos from the early part of the night….