Yoga and Holistic Therapies for Businesses

What can we offer you?

We offer onsite services, such as mobile massages, reflexology and yoga classes.

Massages of 15-30 minute treating the head, neck, shoulders and upper back can take place fully clothed on a specially designed massage chair, or we can bring a massage table and provide full holistic massages for 30-60 minutes.  Reflexology treatments ranging from 20-60 minutes are also available. Whatever suits your needs.

In addition, yoga classes can be arranged either at your place of work, or held specifically for your workforce in the studio at The Secret Space.

We can also arrange special discounts for your workforce to access classes and therapies at The Secret Space.

Why you should invest in staff wellbeing

The fast pace of modern society means that demands on businesses and their workers is high, and stress levels can be elevated. Chronic back conditions, digestive complaints and emotional health issues are becoming common problems that people are having to deal with on a daily basis. It is being recognised more and more that levels of productivity, ingenuity and creativity are higher amongst a relaxed, happy work force. Holistic therapies and yoga are well known to promote relaxation, and help to invigorate and revitalise.

Stress is a contributing factor in many health conditions, and therefore investing in staff well being can help to not only reduce existing stress, but also to prevent health conditions becoming established and adversely affecting staff productivity and attendance.  It makes financial sense to invest in staff wellbeing as it potentially means less staff absence due to sickness, and increased efficiency and standards of work.

Providing on site therapies and/or yoga classes can support staff morale, increase focus and have a rejuvenating effect, not only on the individual, but on the work force and business as a whole.

Specifically how it will benefit your organisation

– Happier, less stressed staff mean greater efficiency and higher standards of work.
– Investing in staff wellbeing boosts morale in the workplace.
– Employers with reputations for being supportive and rewarding attract the best workforce.
– Reduced need for expensive ergonomic furniture, such as chairs for back pain.
– Improved staff morale means reduced staff absences due to sickness.
– Improved staff retention rates. Experience is kept within the organisation.

The types of deals we offer

At The Secret Space we offer a range of corporate packages to suit all of our client’s needs. This may mean you as an employer fully hiring our services; or perhaps subsidising our services for your workforce; or even just allowing staff the time to have a massage that they pay for during their working day. In addition, you don’t have to commit to a weekly session, we can do monthly sessions or even one-off special events.

If you are interested in looking after your workforce and productivity contact us to find out more.